2022 You get repairs at no added cost with each inspection

Hello, Kurt Shafer here, Certified Master Home Inspector. I inspected each of those homes in just the last two years. I was asked to inspect them because I have extensive experience with large homes.  Here are more reasons that I get referrals.

  • You get free repairs with every inspection. The Morgan Hill seller paid $300 for my inspection and I did $200 worth of repairs. See more about what I repair here.
  • You get reports that are short and complete. Color pictures of issues, issues listed in 3 categories – “Safety Concern”, “Further Evaluation” (by an expert), “Correction Recommended” (can be done by seller or help)
  • You have the peace of mind knowing that over 3000 Realtors have recommended me.
  • Your buyer can get an analysis of the cost to repair any issues because I am a degreed engineer with years of construction experience.

Would you like to see an example of a report? Here is the link to the inspection I did on the La Cresta home above. You will notice a significant difference between my report and most others. Mine are simple but very detailed.

issues for email

You might be wondering if is legal that I offer free repairs. You know that most states forbid repairs by inspectors, right? But only if they are paid for. So you might want to go here to learn more.

Please call me! Kurt at 9512963611


I have data that shows that after a seller pays just $695 for certification the home value goes up an average of 5% in most markets. That is $25,000 more on a $500,000 home! I am offering certification now. You can see what certification means by going here – http://certifiedmasterhomeinspectorkurtshafer.com/certification-adds-value/


I am a Certified Master Home Inspector who got my property inspector license in Nevada in 2004.  You might know that California does not license inspectors. Nevada had a rigorous procedure one must follow to be licensed. First, I was required to work with a Nevada Certified Master Inspector on 25 home inspections and have that inspector sign off proof of my attending those inspections. Then I was required to get trained by one of the schools approved by the Nevada state licensing board. I then had to take the Nevada state licensing board test in a test facility in Las Vegas and pass it. I completed all these requirements in July of 2004 and was officially licensed by Nevada.  I started inspections there but decided to concentrate on building my business in Palos Verdes where I lived at the time. I then move to Temecula – the wine country paradise of Southern California. Now, May of 2022, Darlene and I are moving to Arizona, Chino Valley.  We have two very successful children, Ryan and Kimberley. You can see them here http://kurtshafer.com/family/