Why Kurt Shafer?


I am a Certified Master Home Inspector who got my property inspector license in Nevada in 2004.  You might know that California does not license inspectors. Nevada had a rigorous procedure one must follow to be licensed. First, I was required to work with a Nevada Certified Master Inspector on 25 home inspections and have that inspector sign off proof of my attending those inspections. Then I was required to get trained by one of the schools approved by the Nevada state licensing board. I then had to take the Nevada state licensing board test in a test facility in Las Vegas and pass it. I completed all these requirements in July of 2004 and was officially licensed by Nevada.  I started inspections there but decided to concentrate on building my business in Palos Verdes where I lived at the time. I now live in beautiful Temecula – the wine country paradise of Southern California. I regularly travel to Palos Verdes and Manhattan Beach to visit family with my wife Darlene, whom I married in 1974. We have two very successful children, Ryan and Kimberley. You can see them here http://kurtshafer.com/family/

I have been a member of the International Association of Certified Home Inspectors (iNACHI) for over a decade. 

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