This WeBlog is here to show all the messages sent out in 2021 about free repairs. First, here is “Can I really offer repairs for free??”

The state of California Real Estate Inspection Law is in the Business and Professions Code, sections 7195-7199. One section of this law contains prohibitions on repairing a property for a fee in the 12 months after the inspector did an inspection. But it does NOT prohibit an inspector from making free repairs. 

Next, here is an email sent 7-23-21 


If you hire me to do a pre sale inspection I will include repairs of minor issues.

Below are pictures of repairs done for a Temecula seller (Bernie) who got $200 worth of repairs during my $300 inspection that I did in October 2019.

He was selling a very nice home on Morgan Hill built just 15 years ago. The home is nearly perfect except for a few details. One, the builder’s HVAC contractor did a less than perfect job in the attic. There was a leak of cold air around an opening where the coolant pipe enters the chiller. I corrected that while up in the attic. It would have cost Bernie about $100 to have an HVAC contractor come out to fix this. Two, the right gate has a latch that did not work. It required the gate to be lifted 1/2 inch to work properly. I loosened the hinges and lifted the gate so it now is perfect. It would have cost Bernie at least $100 to have a gate contractor come out to fix it. 

      HVAC leak fixed                        Gate raised to fix latch                 AC Jbox missing cover

A seller in Palos Verdes would have saved at least $100 if I had done a presale inspection – in the crawl space under the house was an AC power junction box with no cover.  I would have put in a cover and saved the sellers over $100 to hire an electrician later. 


I have found that it takes less time to repair some issues than to report them so here are issues I will repair during my inspections for buyers:

  • Loose door knobs and bolts.
  • Loose handles on faucets, tubs and showers.
  • Loose door and cabinet hinges.
  • Sink drain stoppers that need adjustment.

What do I charge for this? Nothing. I want my inspections to be of the most value to you as a buyer and to your buying agent. I still expect to be very competitive with the home inspection competition. I will not be the cheapest nor will I be the highest price.

You will want to download my Buyer agreement here