For Listing Agents

As a listing agent you have, for the first time in history,  a strong reason to want me to inspect your listing once it is sold. Your buyer will save a lot of time trouble and expense if the home you list has minor issues like broken or missing wall plates, loose hinges, loose door handles, loose faucet handles, even stuck sink drains. 

But, you say, “how can I get you in front of the buying agent”? Good question! The answer is send me an email or text the minute you sign an offer with the name of the buying agent. I will immediately send that agent an anonymous email saying “If you are working with buyers who might need an inspection please tell them that I fix all the minor issues I find during my inspection at no added cost”

Your name and the fact they have a buy agreement will never be revealed. For a list of listing agents who are already doing this send me a text to 951-296-3611.