Certification Adds Value

Below is from the Pearl web site showing how they assign points to indicate how good your home is.

Building Shell – 300 possible points – The roof, walls, windows and foundation that create the difference between “outside” and “inside” your home.

Heating and Cooling – 360 possible points – The furnaces, air conditioners, heat pumps, ductwork and other equipment that keeps your home the temperature you want it.

Baseload – 240 possible points – The equipment that you use throughout the year, like water heaters, appliances, and electronics.

Home Management – 300 possible points -Smart devices, information dashboards, and plans that help you maintain and improve your home.

Here are the awards based on the number of points awarded:

Silver – 700 points – A home with good building shell (e.g., insulation), or heating and cooling features.

Gold – 825 points – Similar to a home built to modern energy code, this is a home that has both a good building shell and heating and cooling systems.

Platinum – 975 points – In addition to a good building shell and heating and cooling systems, a typical Platinum home will have efficient appliances, lighting, and other energy monitoring devices like a smart thermostat.